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Arctic Alpine 23 Low Profile AMD PC CPU Cooler Fan And Heatsink (2021)

Arctic Alpine 23 Low Profile AMD PC CPU Cooler Fan And Heatsink (2021)

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Product Overview


Improved Cooling Performance

The high thermal conductivity of aluminum is fully retained in a new type of extrusion. This new production process makes it possible to manufacture a powerful and at the same time very compact radial heat sink. The particularly fine cooling fins of the new Alpine are fanned out in a Y-shape. This increases the surface area of ??the heat sink and increases the cooling capacity.


Wide Speed Range

Thanks to its new motor, the Alpine 23 has a very wide, PWM-controlled speed range. This reduces noise to a minimum and at the same time guarantees maximum cooling performance.


Lower Power Consumption & Vibration

The new Alpine 23 is powered by a revised engine, which makes it more efficient. Thanks to sinus magnetisation, the motor generates only 5% of the commutation oscillations of a conventional DC motor. Without compromising on performance, these factors save energy, lower the motor coil temperature and reduce vibrations to a minimum.


High-Quality Plain Bearing

Thanks to a combination of alloy / lubricant developed in Germany, the friction within the bearing is reduced and greater efficiency is achieved. This way, less heat is generated, there is less bearing noise and the life of the fan is extended.


Improve Service Life

A 10 ° C lower motor temperature roughly doubles the service life. Due to the low coil temperature of the new ARCTIC fan motors, the service life of the fans is around four times as long.


MX-2 Thermal Compound

The already pre-applied, very high-performance MX-2 thermal compound ensures quick and clean installation.


Simple and Tool Free Assembly

Installation is child's play thanks to the mounting clips. The Alpine 23 is simply plugged onto the existing AMD retention modules and screwed tight.


Features• High-Quality Plain Bearing.

• 10°C Lower Motor Temperature.

• Pre-Applied MX-2 Thermal Compound.

• Tool-Free Assembly.

• AMD AT4.

• 100-2000 RPM.

• 50 Y-Shaped Fans.

Cooler Specifications
EditionArctic Alpine 23
Cooler Form FactorTop Flow Single Tower
Cooler FeaturesAluminium Fins
Socket CompatibilityAM4
Max. TDP 
Fan Specifications
Included Fan Configuration1 x 90mm
Fan Edition 
PWM FanYes
Fan Bearing TypeFluid Dynamic Bearing
Fan ColourWhite
LED Lighting 
Fan/Pump Connectors1 x 4-pin
Max. Fan Speed2000 rpm
Max. Fan Airflow 
Max. Air Pressure 
Max. Sound Level 
Cooler MaterialsAluminium / Plastic
Included TIM (Thermal Interface Material)Arctic MX-2 (Pre-Applied)
Dimensions & Weight
Heatsink/Radiator Dimensions 
Total Dimensions121 x 98.6 x 65 mm (WxHxD)
Weight275.5 g
Additional Information
Model NumberACALP00035A
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