Collection: Headsets, Microphones and Speakers

Headsets enable you to listen to audio without disturbing others. Headphones can either be open- or closed-back. Gaming headsets are headphones with a microphone for enabling chatting online, and premium solutions also tend to feature multi-position audio capability via Dolby technology. Headphones can connect to the computer or audio device by either a 3.5mm analogue mini-jack or a digital USB connection.

Speakers turn the data that represents audio into sound you can hear. Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and PC speakers are available in 2.0 (two speakers), 2.1 (two speakers plus a subwoofer), 5.1 (five speakers plus a subwoofer) and 7.1 (seven speakers plus a subwoofer) for increasingly immersive sound. There has also been a recent trend in using battery-powered Bluetooth-connected speakers for a listen-anywhere sound.

Microphones are suitable for all forms of computer PC use, they feature either a 3.5mm mini-jack or USB connectivity, so check specifications to confirm. They are suitable for gaming, voice recording, internet / video chat and much more.